Monday, June 16, 2014

.anthony + paige. victoria engagement photography

This one was well worth the wait. After several times rescheduling, (I believe we got snowed out of our first attempt) I finally got to meet Paige + Anthony. The session was shot in the backyard of Anthony's childhood home, and the place where the couple now resides together! I love photographing people on their own turf, and believe it lends in a whole other layer of significance to a session.
Anthony and Paige's story is right out of a movie. Girl loves dogs. Girl can be seen walking large groups of dogs downtown, several times a day. Boy notices Girl surrounded by dogs. Boy watches Girl and dogs walk past his workplace for quite sometime. Boy works up the guts and eventually approaches Girl. Boy and Girl fall in love and will be marrying this December at the lovely Church and State Winery. We are so excited to photograph Boy and Girl becoming Man and Wife!!! Congrats to Anthony + Paige!

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