Sunday, July 13, 2014

.family travels.

We had countdown calendars in our house for months. The plan: my mom + dad (Grampy + Grammie) were taking me, my siblings and our families to Newport, Oregon for the week. In total, their were 14 of us. We hit the road at 4:30am…not my finest hour…but with gravol on board and surrounded by family, we had a pretty great trip down.
The Embarcadero Resort was incredible. We visited a destination each day: Agate Beach, the Historic Bayfront, and Seal Rock Park. So much awesomeness. There were many, many moments not photographed…all the times at the pool (favourite), making suppers in our suites, antique malls, jumping on beds, Walmart + TacoBell runs…we made some pretty solid memories. My brother, Colin, put together a video of the adventure which we have already watched far too many times :)
We are so grateful to my Mom + Dad for blessing us all with such an adventure. I love my family :)


  1. You were in my home state and I wasn't there. Boo :(
    But I love, love, love your family, (and your pictures.) :D

    1. Thanks Marcella!!!! I didn't realize that was your home state! SO insanely beautiful there! xo

  2. Beautiful trip with the family S & C Those are awesome photograph's.


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