Sunday, August 10, 2014

.sean + avery. abbotsford wedding photography

If you don't have a pocket of spare time, it's probably best to not even start this post. It is a long one. Sean + Avery's wedding was epic! There were many people dear to Steve and I involved in this day, so there may be a wee bit of bias...but the pictures will tell the story and you can judge for yourself. 
This wedding, more importantly, this love story was years in the making...YEARS! This was a frequent joke during the speeches that were shared under the white tent adjacent to Sean's family home. These two were high school sweethearts, and as they finally tied the knot, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, you could feel the collective celebration and joy. If ever a wedding was greatly was this one.
Sean + Avery ~ Your day was incredible. From the rain staying away, to the beautiful clouds that accompanied it. From the wild "tea bag game," to the late night limbo. From the crazy nervousness (poor Avery) to the incredible joy of marrying your true love. And everything in between. We wish you lifelong love as beautiful as the day you waited so long for...

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