Friday, March 18, 2016

.maya turns seven.

Today Maya turns seven! As I began typing this, the little muffin just jumped on my lap for a snuggle:) I would easily consider Maya the most independent, fearless  and social of my children. She doesn't cling to me in unfamiliar situations, but happily goes off to try new activities and meet new people. She is an active, brave, happy go lucky little monkey. However, this year I have seen another side of her emerge. When I visited my sister last month up in Whitehorse, both my mom and Steve reported that Maya was clearly the one that missed me most and struggled with my absence. When we are at home, she will play with her sisters, but frequently come and find me for kisses, or to tell me something interesting. When I am cooking dinner, she is right at my side...eager to help. I have to be careful and remember to ask the other girls to do chores, because Maya is my most natural choice: she does it quickly, neatly, without complaining and then skips right back to my side. This desire for proximity to me is not new if I look back carefully. When Maya was born she wanted her momma. Due to a staffing shortage, and who knows what else, I was stuck in recovery following my C-section for 2+ hours just waiting to see her. I wanted her and she wanted me. Steve was up on the ward holding this brand new baby that wouldn't settle...he even called my mom to come help as Maya just kept crying and nobody was giving him updates on me. Three hundred and eight-nine years later, when I was finally brought to my baby, she settled right away in my arms. She needed me and I needed her. This much remains unchanged.
Maya - you are so very special to mommy and to our family. What would we do without our Maya in the middle? Thank you for loving us all so well; for reminding us to stop and listen, to snuggle and smooch, to love and be loved. Life is so much more than accomplishing tasks and completing lists (your old ma + pa often forget this). You seem to have a natural bent towards caring for people and knowing what the significant moments in a day really are. You are wise, my sweet seven year old.These days you plan on being a nurse when you grow up...I can't imagine a better one. Happy Birthday Maya Kate...Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

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