Monday, April 4, 2016

.halle turns nine.

Going through the images from Halle's birthday session was a little bit of a kick in the face. She may just be nine, but I feel like she crossed a bit of a threshold this year. I looked at her face in these pictures and saw so much beauty; and not just the incredible beauty of a child through the eyes of her mother, but the beauty of this little woman "seedling" growing before my eyes. And my heart beats a little faster.
This has been an eventful year for Halle. After much thought and prayer, we decided to keep Halle in the same class, with the same teacher she had for grade two. Her BFF (this is a real word in our household) was moving forward to the 3/4 split which was a major pull, but the benefits of being in a 2/3 split...this time as an older student... pulled stronger. Our girl is soft-hearted, very cautious and shy; new and uncomfortable situations are genuinely painful for her. That is why this year has been such a victory. Our girl has blossomed...still maintaining the attributes listed above, but adding a measure of confidence, leadership and JOY. After three years of tears ...she actually likes school. Halle has an incredible teacher (another huge reason we kept her in the 2/3 split)...seriously...if I could submit this woman for some kind of award, I would. As the year has gone on, and Halle has faced friend issues, and a nasty parasite that won't get lost, she has been buoyed by her awesome teacher and the sense of safety she has at school. Halle and I have also started having some pretty solid mother/daughter chats once the little sisters are in bed...clearly the topics are confidential, but they are increasing in maturity and complexity...just like her. She is full of questions and thoughts. My heart's prayer is that she never stops coming to talk to me.
It's hard to sum up a year of growth in a few short lines, and as I do, I am filled with immense gratitude for each of the 365 days that have been added to Halle's journey...and mine as a mom.
My little baby...I love you so!

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