Monday, August 23, 2010

erin, christal, denise, edith, marlis and trudy {friends}

A few months back, my Auntie Erin propositioned me about a session for her and her girlfriends. This was not just your average friend session, however. These girls began their friendship 37 years ago (a couple even further back) in high school. Jump ahead almost four decades, many weddings, bridesmaids dresses,17 children, and countless emails between them...and you find them Harrison Hot Springs for a weekend getaway. They are now spread out across the country, but their ties are tight. The weekend was planned in honor of several 50th birthdays this year; and even in the short time I spent with these gals, they were planning the celebrations of years to come.
I had asked Erin to bring along some photos of her girlfriends from the early days of their friendship and I was not disappointed. The reminiscing made for some fun photos and it also inspired a re-creation attempt you will see at the bottom of the post.
Ladies, it was great to spend a bit of time with you and witness, what is obviously, a deep and true friendship. Who knows....maybe I'll see you all again in 10 years at the big 6-0!


  1. Thanks so much Megan. My girlfriends are so special to me and you really captured the moments of our special time together.

  2. Lucky lucky lucky lucky ladies - this captures the spirit of their friendship perfectly.

    Beautiful work - one to be very proud of Megan.

  3. My friend Trudy asked me to tell you:

    If you get a chance, please tell Megan from me (and my family and
    friends who have seen the pictures) that she did an absolutely fantastic,
    very professional job.

  4. From my friend Denise:

    Pass along my gratitude and congratulations for a job well done to Megan

  5. And from my friend Marlis:

    Thanks for arranging it all with Megan - she managed to make all of us look really great and young too!

  6. And from Christal:

    wow, amazing pictures, thank you so much Erin for arranging all this. What great memories we'll have from that time together.

  7. Very nice pictures. I particularly like the one of Erin in front of flowers.

  8. And from Edith:

    Please pass on our thanks to Megan for doing such a great job and making it such a fun and comfortable experience. This collection of photos will be such a treasure, that we can look back on and remember the great time we had at Harrison - it was a fantastic couple of days!


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