Tuesday, August 3, 2010

kara, cadance, kristen + caleb {children}

This session was done as a surprise present for a traditional,"Christmas in July,"from the cousin of these beautiful kiddos! The three girls above welcomed their first brother, Caleb a couple months ago! We sneakily met up at the park in hopes of getting some fun pictures for their mom and dad! It was quite the whirlwind, getting four children to look at the camera and stay in one general vicinity, but we had fun! Thankfully, the kids' aunt and cousins came along to help me out; in fact, cousin Isaac, even made it into a few of my favorite candids that I put up on this post. (He's the cute, random, blond boy that pops into the shots now and then). Enjoy!


  1. ...oh yeah...ya know which one i like ...the black & white all on the bench!
    (how is this going to be a secret now?!)

  2. Thanks - it wasn't hard to figure out when Pat and Kaila picked up the girls and said they needed to get changed, do hair, etc... "We're going to Heritage park" (like there's anything for these kids to do there but pose for pictures). Amazing pictures. They framed nine of them - very hard to decide which ones.


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