Sunday, August 15, 2010

savannah {newborn}

This little darling is Savannah.  In these photographs she is 11 days old...brand spankin' new! Savannah's momma, Kirstin, is the daughter of a  co-worker/friend; I have gotten to know Kirstin a little bit over the last few years and know these two things for sure: She is a sweetheart and she is a great mom! Savannah's big brother, Damien, woke up from a nap near the end of our session, so I was glad to be able to get him into a few shots too...after he showed me his trucks, of course.
Tom, Kirstin, Damien and Savannah ~ your little family is so sweet! A huge congratulations on your new addition and looking forward to getting your gorgeous kiddos in front of my camera more as they grow :)


  1. ...previous entrys I just think oh this is my favorite.......then you post a new one ...and I go ..Oh this is my favorite!...oh my goodness... what beautiful soft & innocent! ...

    p.s. we need to do the linky thing to my blog!

  2. love the first picture of her - tell frank he has very cute grandkids

  3. Of course he has cute grandkids! And as well, your daughter did an awesome job as the photographer.I am impressed There was some very nicely done close-ups. This from an anonymous grampa naturally.


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