Sunday, November 14, 2010

brad + maria {family}

This session will definitely go down as one of my favorites! I met Brad almost 10 years ago at the long term care facility where I still work as a nurse. Through him, I got to know the lovely Maria and their three girls.  It has been a while (too long) since we spent time together as families, so it was a treat to come visit them at their new place, catch up and have the privelege of taking their annual Christmas photo.
Of course I didn't stop at just one photo :) Brad and Maria's new property is awesome; so many diverse location options! We also included their student, Mary, in a few of the photos as she will be staying with them for a couple years. She is a lucky girl to be part of such an awesome family for this time.
So, here they are...way too many (have I mentioned my indecisiveness?) - but with a bunch of little beauties and an adorable wardrobe change, what's a girl to do?


  1. Oh my goodness! LOVE the Christmas decorations!!!

  2. wow, what a gift to even make us look good, thanks.

  3. the backdrop, decorations, student for my favorite...I can not pick...the last one?...the full colour outfit change on the knoll?...too hard...beautiful daughters!...someones going to have a lot of boys at their doors!

  4. amazing! love the ornaments in the tree! such a good idea... might theft it :D


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