Thursday, November 4, 2010

marty + shannon {family}

Last weekend I met up with this energetic family of four at a fantastic new (to me) location - Redwood Park in Surrey. This park was originally owned by deaf, twin brothers that collected seedlings from around the world; they even built a two story tree house to live in! The treehouse was rebuilt several times due to fire, and the current one is still there today!
I thought this story was particularly neat because the family from this session has two year old twins!!
Abigail and Nolan are blond haired bundles of go-go-go. Their mom, Shannon, is also a photographer and I commented to her at one point during the session that she must have a LOT of pictures of the twin's was agreed. I certainly got my excercise in, and with the help of cookies, we managed to get some photos with all four of them in one place :)
Marty and Shannon ~ It was great to meet you and watch you interact with your gorgeous kiddos. Thanks so much for allowing me to spend some time with you and introducing me to such a great park. Your family is beautiful.


  1. ....crouching in the grass...on the bridge!..all sooooo cute!

  2. fantastic. love all the leaves :) great new location!

  3. Now that is an awesome display of pictures. The Fall scenery and poses are near perfect! Well organized:)


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