Tuesday, November 30, 2010

matt + erika {family}

This is one of the last sessions I squeezed in before the snow took our beautiful fall away. After dozens of emails, Erika and I were finally able to connect our schedules (this is how it rolls with two working moms); a certain little boy's black eye healed and the rain stayed away! Never mind the sub zero temperatures.
I met up with Erika, her husband, Matt, their two kiddos and her parents at the Trethewey House last weekend. What a gorgeous bunch of people to work with! Not only did they stay warm, but they stayed warm in style. This is one thing I'm loving about fall/winter photography....the scarves, coats, and cuddles to keep warm...it lends a totally different feeling to a session.
Matt + Erika ~ it was great to finally meet you. Hope you and your family enjoy these photos, and Erika, if you ever need to get rid of that coat...I'll gladly take it off your hands ;)


  1. love these photos.

    i'm obsessed with the grandpa with grandson picture. so cute. amazing expressions always.

  2. wow those kids have amazing eyes!!!!!!!!!! beautiful.


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