Thursday, December 9, 2010

adam + cheryl + liam {family}

I really sometimes think that I photograph the best looking people in the world. Nevermind that these folks are family - they are all just ridiculously adorable!
I met up with my cousin Adam, his wife Cheryl and their 5 month old little man, Liam when I was on the island  two weeks ago. You may remember his adorable, little face from his newborn session; my goodness has he ever grown up! Liam had just woken up from a nap when I arrived, so he was quite mellow for the first part of the session inside; we worked pretty hard to pull some smiles from him and he rewarded us with a few grins. Mind you, I think his face is just precious regardless of his expression.
Adam and Cheryl - it was great to catch up with you all. Your family is so great to photograph as the love between you is so very obvious - thanks for sharing your morning with me! xoxo


  1. k. i cannot get enough of these pictures.
    i have a serious crush on them, and the fam..
    welcome back soos

  2. ..oh my! cute ...such a beuatiful baby!I didn't get enough time @ Thanksgiving...we need another visit with this boy!...and his parents!

  3. such cuteness!!!!!!!! he is getting so big! beautiful beautiful family!


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