Wednesday, February 9, 2011

analena {cake smash}

Aaaah, the cake smash post. I've loved everything about this one... the gorgeous natural light, the cute props that Ana's mom had picked out, and of course, the super yummy cake (that the supermodel let me sample). I edited these all with a smile on my face and an occasional squeal of delight...just ask my husband.
The little gal started out hesitantly, removing each little flower and butterfly from her cake. Once she got through the icing, she tossed aside her lady-like ways and grabbed fistful after fistful of deliciousness. In fact, she was still munching away as I packed up and left...
I would love to do more of these sessions! If  you or someone you know has a little person with an upcoming birthday, feel free to contact me and book a {cake smash}!!!
And I must give a big recommendation to the baker and artist behind Analena's cake. Check out Santana's FB page here...and seriously not just cute to look at, delicious.


  1. totally and utterly adorable - the girl, the props and her personality as she ate her cake :)

  2. These are fantastic! So beautiful. When we have kids you're gonna have to make a special trip to the Island (and no, not yet ;)

  3. um. i love these.

    and by the way.. my birthday is coming up..
    i like tutu's
    and cakes
    and smashing them..

    xoxo soos


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