Thursday, July 19, 2012

dan + angie {gastown engagement photography}

This session didn't exactly go as planned. The plan was to meet up with Dan + Angie, and Chloe at Stanley Park for their engagement photos. Being one of the first really sunny Sundays of the summer made this trickier than we expected. After trouble with parking, frequent cell phone check-ins and more than one loop around the park, Dan + Angie decided to move their location to nearby Gastown. I'm so glad they did. Stanley Park is a stunning, diverse location and I have enjoyed shooting there; however, there is just something about urban settings lately that make me so happy. I've always told clients in our emails "find me an open field, and I'm a happy girl." I think I should change that to, "find me an open field or a back alley...."I suppose as we grow in who we are and doing what we love, we change and expand.
Anyways, enough about that. Angie + I had our intital consult for wedding photography on the phone, so this was our first time meeting in person. I loved them. You'll see, so easily from their photos, that they are experts in making the other smile. They make love look so good! And Chloe...the doggy. Once again, I profess to be a cat person in general, but Chloe...I actually liked Chloe!!! And she was so good; posing for a few shots, and then hanging out off to the side to let the humans take the spotlight!
Dan + Angie ~ I'm so thrilled to be your wedding photographer! Thank you for being flexible, having fun, and dreaming big for your wedding day. So excited to join you as you start your grand adventure...

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