Tuesday, July 10, 2012

mark + stephanie {fort langley maternity photography}

Many moons ago (like 15 or 16 years), this beautiful, expectant mama was just a young teenager and I was her camp counsellor. Oh my goodness. Of course, the first thing that came to my mind when Steph contacted me about maternity photos was, "NO - you're too young to have a baby!!!" Just another confirmation that I'm getting old. But I'm still cool...right, Steph?
Mark + Steph are so sweet together, and this baby will be such a blessed one to join their home.
Mark said verbally that he wasn't too excited about photos, but I think he secretly had a really good time...lots of teasing, kissing and belly rubbing will warm up any dad-to-be :)
Steph was lovely. The first thing I noticed, (other than the fact that she was a grown-up now), was how she had that glow. I never had it when I was preggers, but Steph is one of the lucky ones.
Mark + Stephanie ~ SO good to hang out with you guys and document this exciting time - really, aside from the swollen ankles and the frequent need to pee, it IS a really exciting time. Can't wait to meet this little one next month...whoever he or she may be!

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  1. These are awesome photo's! Steph you're looking great! Looking forward to meeting this little one in less than a month!!


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