Sunday, July 15, 2012

nathan + chantal {monroe, washington wedding photography}

This wedding was so special to me... for SO many reasons. Let me try and list a few.
1. The couple...Nathan and Chantal are so fun, and laid back, and they laugh alot. They are silly and sweet and creative. They love each other and they are so loved by the people in their lives. They literally trudged through the mud for their wedding portraits...and smiled the whole time. No high maintenance bride here, my friends. If you didn't see their nautical style engagement session, you can peek at them here
2. The location...nestled just to the northeast of Seattle, lies Monroe, Washington. It totally screams small town America, and has a cozy feel to it. Steve and I were able to spend a couple nights here, and found it so peaceful, nestled amidst forest land. Nathan's parents have an amazing property, and have spent the last year transforming it into a perfect wedding venue. It was breathtaking. Chantal also took great care in choosing her portrait locations - a forest grove, and a large open field. They were unique, secluded and beautiful. I was in heaven. 
3. The wedding party...I like to think that this wedding brought me several new friends. Chantal and her girls have such a tight, awesome girlfriend bond and they welcomed me with open arms, cowboy boots and upside down smiles (inside joke). There is a shot in this post of the girls praying for Chantal just before the gives me shivers. The guys were pretty awesome too...they fetched props, made us laugh and flexed their muscles a lot.
4. The details....Chantal is a pinterest guru. I was absolutely blown away as the small touches and creativity for this day unravelled. It just kept coming and coming and coming... From her own wedding gown sash, to the white candy table, the bouquets to the reception was endless.

{customized Starbucks cups...yes!}

{the day of the wedding it monsooned for hours. literally. thunder, lightening, heavy rain and citywide power outages} 
{ stopped...right as we did first look and started portraits....SO amazing!}

{handmade by the bride - both the sash and the bouquet below}

{first look... in my opinion, totally the way to go....LOVE IT!}

{you can see the last of the raindrops in these few pictures}

{the first set of portraits were done at this little forest grove right by the groom's home}

{the second set of portraits were done at this beautiful field...we had to hop a fence and get a little muddy, but Nathan + Chantal and their wedding party were totally up for it!}

{definitely worth the mud}

{did I mention that I really liked these girls?}

{after portraits, it was back to the groom's parents home for the ceremony and reception}
{again, there were so many handmade details and touches that made everything so special}

{I had to pull the mr. + mrs. aside after the ceremony to get a few shots with chantal's awesome garland}

{jean jackets and wedding dresses make this photographer very happy}

Nathan + Chantal ~ Steve and I can't thank you enough for this amazing opportunity! What an honour and complete joy to watch the culmination of all your months of creativity and planning and be privileged to document it. The people that surrounded you on this day are a testament to what an awesome couple you are. We wish you many, many years of happiness, love, muddy boots and adventure. God Bless!


  1. Wow, love all the details and the location. Awesome. Beautiful.

  2. I love everything about this wedding!! The photos capture everything perfectly! Some of the details remind me of our wedding that's coming up so very soon!! AMAZING!!!

  3. This bride must be ecstatic with her photos!!! LOVE them!

  4. Wow, these pictures give me goosebumps! Sooo beautiful! And they looked like they were having SOOO much fun... which I think is the most important thing :) Totally love the one of the bridesmaids/groomsmen posing like they thought the other group would pose (that's the one that brought me over from Pinterest)

  5. love this. Everything about it! Beautiful. Come to Michigan and be my photographer!


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