Thursday, July 26, 2012

tom + tracy {vancouver wedding photography}

Family and friends streamed in from across the city and around the world to celebrate the love of this couple. It was the pinnacle of a love story that began when Tom put a rose into a Tracy's locker back in high school. I love stories that start like that.
I have heard a number of photographers share that the reception is their least favourite part of the wedding. I have to disagree. I love hunkering down with my camera, and listening to the speeches and stories that are the heritage of a couple I have spent the day photographing. It's pretty natural for me to get caught up in the intimacy and emotion, sharing tears and laughter with those around me. This wedding was a perfect example. As the speeches continued and words of love and blessing were offered, I once again felt I gained a greater understanding of Tom + Tracy; of how beloved and special they are to their families, their friends and ultimately each other. And the food was pretty great too! Really now, what's not to love about receptions!?
Tom + Tracy ~ Thank you for the opportunity to share in your day! We wish you every joy and happiness as you begin your lives together...married!!!!

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  1. beautiful! love the lighthouse location. last pic is my FAVE!


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